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The Scary Truth about Renters Insurance Written by APIA Insurance on Jun 25, 2016

Rental insurance coverage
Learn the Importance of Renters Insurance

Most renters assume that the property manager's insurance will cover their possessions in case of a claim. This is false! If you live in a rental home or apartment, chances are you don’t have the proper insurance. Despite the fact that rented homes are more likely to be burglarized than owner-occupied properties, nearly 60 ...




3 Simple Ways to Help Your Teen Have a Safe Prom and Graduation Season Written by APIA Insurance on May 1, 2016

teen auto insurance alaska
Teen Driving Tips to Keep Prom and Graduation Safe

It’s that time of year again…Spring has sprung, dramatic “prom-posals” are being posted all over social media, and Senioritis is in full-swing as students are gearing up for some ...




I’m Borrowing My Friend’s Car…am I Covered? Written by APIA Insurance on Mar 13, 2016

car insurance coverage

Most people have an idea of what’s covered and not covered under their various insurance policies. But at APIA Insurance, we get a lot of questions about borrowing or loaning a car, so we’ve written this blog to address the issue and help anyone who might be confused about what this means to your coverage.
Spring is ...




How to Prepare Your Home for Spring Break Travel Plans Written by APIA Insurance on Mar 4, 2016

Homeowner insurance

Well, it’s been another weird winter for the U.S.! Last year, flight schedules were all in disarray while some states were buried in feet of snow and this year, some of those same places never even accumulated enough snow to cover the blades of grass. Even if it was mild by comparison, we are all glad to be at the tail end ...




5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Car Stolen Written by APIA Insurance on Feb 22, 2016

car insurance alaska

The rash of recent car thefts in Anchorage, Alaska has made national news, at this point. Already this year, upwards of 200 vehicles have been stolen from Anchorage residents—most of which occurred as a result of owners attempting to warm their vehicles by running them, unattended, with keys in the ignition. The reality of this situation has prompted us here at APIA ...